Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Name The Baby Competition!

On reflection, that seems pointless. Who wants to name a baby competition? Let's just call it The Baby Competition.

The essence of what's already become known as The Baby Competition is that one lucky reader will get to name the baby when it pops out next May. Below is our shortlist; feel free to add your own suggestions. Here's a picture from today's scan to help the mulling process.

The foetus gets beamed up by aliens

Add your chosen name to the comments box below. After the birth, we'll scribble all the names onto pieces of paper and put them into a Moses basket, and get the baby to pull one out. Whoever's name gets picked will win a free umbilical cord and a half hour swim in the birthing pool.

Boys' names Girls' names
Engelbert Humpyheather Rihanna R. Riheather
Mohammed Mohammed
Sir Harry Pearce Abigail Downtonia
Willsnkate Pippabottomarse
Rumpelstiltskin Rapunzel
Terry Tearaway Mrs Goggins
Mummy's Little Soldier Daddy's Little Princess
Beowulf Boadicea
Dawkins Mrs Gren
Baby Bublé Baby Gaga

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  1. edmund monty blackadder python